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FAST and FURIOUS  Eclipse

The Fast and the Furious

Under the alias, "Brian Earl Spilner", Brian O'Conner used the Eclipse in preparation for his first street race. He practices driving in the Eclipse at the parking lot at Dodger Stadium, but can't keep the car from spinning out of control. Despite complications experienced earlier, Brian decided to participate in the street race to win the favor of Dominic Toretto.

During the race, the Eclipse's intake manifold began to overheat from an overcompensation of NOS used in the vehicle. Brian ignored the warnings and continued to use the NOS until the car began to fall apart. He managed to beat Edwin, but eventually lost control of the car. He lost to Dominic, who won the race and the pink slip to Eclipse. Dom is later rescued by Brian, who used the Eclipse to evade the police in pursuit of the illegal street racers. Without knowing, Brian drives the Eclipse into Little Saigon, Johnny Tran's territory. Tran admires the wrench work put into the Eclipse before destroying it in a surprise shootout that triggers a massive explosion in the engine, due to the canister of nitrous oxide that were in the car, and the Eclipse gets obliterated.

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