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1966 Batcycle


One of the most phenomenally successful television shows in recent years is ABC's "Batman."  One of the interesting aspects of this show is the unusual and exciting vehicles in the pursuit of deadly evil criminals.  From the batcave emerges a batcar, a batcopter and many, many more imaginative vehicles, all styled in the Batman motif.

Tying in with the extreme popularity of sportcycles, Batman has inevitably utilized a sportcycle--the Batcycle--in his efforts to thwart the forces of evil.  The Batcycle itself is a real showpiece.  Built from a Yamaha Catalina 250, the Batcycle features a side car with a portable go-cart resting on it for Batman's invisible aide, Robin.  As Batman slows down or stops the Batcycle, Robin is propelled off of  the side car and becomes mobile in his own right in the go-cart.

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